Our Business Outlook

The perspective and outlook as the country’s leading shotcrete placement team, we’ve built an extensive and diverse portfolio of winning projects. With projects located everywhere throughout cities, we meet or exceed expectations by our clients. From category-defining commercial projects, to sleek high rises and with intricate parkades.

It’s not just our products and services that make us a leader. The most important success factor is our employees, all of them. We’re focused on making the shotcrete processes more efficient, sustainable and inviting than ever before.

Where we are going from here

We are continuing to pursue the optimum balance in our teams to achieve the best results in shotcrete placement.  Constant consideration to the final product is always a focal point as well as having strict guidelines to ensure a quality product.

Having attained the highest level training in our industry which in turn will produce a product that outlasts traditional formwork standards.  With this, we invite you to try our processes and techniques to get you the best result in your build.

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